Friday, May 27, 2016

List O' Links for Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you have a safe and happy one. Start the Summer of 2016 right with these fun links!

The Discovery Channel kicks off Shark Week earlier than ever this year, starting Sunday, June 26th through Sunday, July 3rd. Here's the lineup!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Gen-X movie classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The city of Chicago celebrated in style by recreating the most famous scenes from the movie in real life. Sweet!

Many viewers, including me, are mourning the death of yet another beloved character from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones this week. But what exactly caused this to happen? A theoretical physicist makes the case for how this tragedy was sealed years beforehand.

How does your current mobile phone plan stack up to CellularOne's plan from back in the late 80s? Crunch the numbers and find out!

Your favorite band and mine, The Monkees, release their latest album today! Check it out!

Finally, Golden Girls pins. They're a thing.

Have a great holiday weekend! Remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Friday, May 6, 2016

List O' Links for Friday, May 6, 2016

Hi everyone! I don't have much time, or links, today, so I'll make this short and sweet.

As you can see from the graphic above, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! I may not be able to make it this year because reasons, but you be sure to head on out to your local comic shop and pick up this year's crop of great free comics! And be sure to buy something while you're there and keep your comic shop afloat! Find the shop nearest you here!

According to the Washington Post, millenials are not eating cereal because they're too lazy to wash the dishes afterwards. If this is true, we will be easy pickins' for our forthcoming alien overlords.

A man named Billy Mitchell claims to be the "Neil Armstrong of Pac-Man" because he was the first person to win a perfect score. He also famously won a perfect score in Donkey Kong. To say the man is proud of his accomplishments is quite the understatement!

In 1978, Ringo Starr had his own TV variety special. It is, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, everything you'd expect from a late '70s TV variety special starring Ringo Starr. Check it out, if you have the stomach for it!

Finally, if you're a fan of horror movies, particularly Japanese horror, this is your lucky year. A movie is arriving this year that pits the girl from The Ring against the mom from The Grudge. It's like King King vs Godzilla or Freddy vs Jason, but with dead Japanese ladies!

Have a great weekend! Go get some free comics! And don't forget Mom this year! Happy Mother's Day! Exclamation points!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

List O' Links for Friday, April 22nd, 2016

It's an unseasonably warm day in Philadelphia today, and I haven't posted any links in forever. Here are some to entertain and edify you. Yes, have some!

You can now invest in a collection of Credence Clearwater Revival songs in infant lullaby format. I listened to all the songs, and I highly recommend them if you work in an office. Very soothing!

Also in music news, Eddie Vedder has recorded a cover version of the Batman '66 theme song with his 7-year-old daughter Harper. It's very cute (and one to add to my Batman theme song collection)!

Keeping the music theme going, we might, if things go as planned, have an official soundtrack to the 1980s Transformers animated TV series in our future. Nothing like that awesome theme!

Jaws shoes. 'Nuff said!

Did you know there is a blog that features photos of current businesses that are housed in what used to be Pizza Hut locations? You do now.

Finally, the pop culture site Nerd Out With Me has graciously provided 51 geeky pics for all of us to enjoy. Fun stuff!

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Jim Henson's Sam and Friends

I finished the Jim Henson biography I mentioned in my last post this weekend, and I'm thankful to have picked it up. It's a well-written exploration of Henson's amazing story, and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Aside from the Wilkins coffee adds I showcased previously, Henson's other early claim to fame is the local program Sam and Friends. This was a five-minute program that aired on NBC affiliate WRC-TV in the Washington, DC market and was very popular with children and adults alike. The majority of skits performed involved the many Muppet characters of the program lip synching to novelty or pop records that were favorites of Henson's. The Muppet staff consisted of only two performers: Jim and his future wife Jane. It was on this program that Kermit originated, but he wasn't a frog at the time. Kermit was only an abstract being, as were most of the characters on the show, with the exception of the titular Sam, who was "human."

The show aired from the mid-1950s through early '60s, when the Muppets started to branch out into more commercials and guest appearances on national programs such as The Tonight Show and The Ed Sullivan Show, among others.

Here are several fun clips from Sam and Friends. It gives you a good idea of the humble beginnings from which the Muppets started, but you can already see the magic and whimsy of Henson shine through. Enjoy!


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