Saturday, December 8, 2007

Star Wars Holiday Special

Alright, Christmas fans, now it's time to get serious! I'm bringing out the big guns, starting with this cult classic.

In fact, I'm probably the only creator and peruser of blogs like this that HASN'T seen this special. Even as I post it, I haven't seen it, but I hope to now that I've blogged it (courtesy of the fine folks at Google Video). It's two solid hours (!) of Star Wars "holiday" fun. I hope it's as kitschy as I expect it to be, but I also hope it's more entertaining than the God-awful Star Wars Christmas record by Meco. I just heard it for the first time this week--OMG!

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Todd Mason said...

It is remarkably weird, from the stoned cast members to the endless Wookie dialog to the sub-THREE PENNY OPERA turn from Bea Arthur (whose performance is good's just the poor song and the, have I mentioned it, weird context).

Tony Layser lent me a tape years ago and hasn't ever asked for its return.


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