Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pac-Man Cereal Commercials

I love the Internet. Ya know why? Because it's like a stream of consciousness for the universe. Case in point. I was looking through YouTube for material for upcoming posts and came across one thing that led to another and I wound up at: old TV commercials for Pac-Man cereal.

Weird, to be sure, to be interested in something so obscure, yet I am. Mostly because I found no less than seven of these things! Wanna see them? Sure you do!

I'm guessing this is the oldest of the bunch, likely 1981 or no later than '82. The jingle has a good bit of techno in it, which isn't surprising as it fits a video game-related product, and this was the start of the techno-sounding 80s.

Next, the same jingle but even more 80s-ish art design (a healthy dose of neon, a glowing aura around the characters, etc.).

Looks like Pac-Man and Co. are going to houses throughout the neighborhood.

Yep, they're canvassing the hell out of this town.

In these past few commercials, I like how Pac and the ghosts, although working together to promote the cereal, still give each other uneasy glances here and there. In this next one, however, their relationship is more overtly hostile. Have no fear, Super Pac is here!

In these last two commercials, the animation is gone and is replaced with live action children dancing, no doubt thanks to the "energy" provided by the sugary cereal. In this next clip, they dance "The Pac-Man!" This commercial is covered in 80s cheese: the return of the neon, the Day-Glo clothes, techno sounds, corny choreography--awesome!

Finally, let's not forget Pac-Man's betrothed--Mrs' Pac-Man! Otherwise known as Pac-Man with a pink bow on his head.

Wow, no less than seven commercials for a cereal that no longer exists. Most licensed cereals are temporary swipes at a passing fad, but Pac-Man cereal must have lasted for several years. Did any Gen-Xers out there who might be reading this eat this stuff? I never did, although I remember its existence. Please place comments below. Thanks!


Ladytink_534 said...

I should have known Pac-Man had a cereal lol! They advertised the stuffing out of this, didn't they?

Phillyradiogeek said...

Pac-Man's face was on everything :)

25 years old and still going strong. Even kids who weren't around for his big boom in the 80s know who he is.

Anonymous said...

FYI, That is a young Christian Bale in the last Pac-Man commercial!


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