Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday Matinee: Crimson Ghost, Part 1

Welcome to the latest subject of the returning Saturday Matinee. Yeah, I know it's Friday, but it's easier for me to get this posted now so that it's in place for the entire weekend.

The latest feature is The Crimson Ghost. I saw this back in the late 1980s on a local UHF station (colorized, no less) and found it quite intriguing. Others may find it intriguing for two reasons. One, the face of the Crimson Ghost was used as the logo for the punk rock band the Misfits, and two, the Ghost's right hand man is played by Clayton Moore, who went on to greater fame portraying the Lone Ranger in various films.

It's not often you see an action film where the villian is the star.


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Ladytink_534 said...

Good thing I'm about to go grocery shopping b/c now I'm craving popcorn lol!

Todd Mason said...

And one must mention Lash LaRue, the rather fetishistic hero.

This was my father's favorite serial as a child.


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