Friday, May 1, 2009

Wonder Woman 1967 TV Pilot

Today's finding comes courtesy of a poster on the message board of the comic book podcast Comic Geek Speak. I can't believe I didn't hear of this until this week.

In 1967, the Batman TV show was at the height of its popularity, and show producer William Dozier got attention from the networks. Dozier's success with Batman led to a green light (so to speak) of a TV adaptation of the classic radio program The Green Hornet, unfortunately only lasting one season. Dozier also tried his hand at another DC Comics's superhero, or in this case, heroine. He quickly put together a five-minute mini-pilot based on Wonder Woman. Like Batman, Dozier envisioned a comedic take on the character.

The lead portraying WW's secret identity Diana Prince was Ellie Wood Walker, who's only real claim to fame is being the wife of actor Robert Walker Jr. The one-scene pilot revolves around Diana worrying about boyfriend/airline pilot Steve Trevor on a stormy night and wanting to rush to his aid as Wonder Woman. All the while, her overbearing mother nags her to stay home, give up being a superhero, and marry a man. Diana wins out and reverts to her hero persona--in a BAD costume! Take a look.

It's really bad. Not just the costume, everything! It's no wonder no network picked it up.

Still, the idea kicked around Hollywood for several years afterward, eventually turning into the famous version starring Lynda Carter (and Wonder Girl Debra Winger)in the 70s.

Now THAT'S how you do a Wonder Woman show!

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Todd Mason said...

Brian, I didn't know you didn't know about the atrocious 1960s pilot. Should I have told you?

US 71 said...

I never knew about the 1967 Pilot. Just as well the series never happened.

But, oh, Wonder Girl! I though she was so HOT!

I'd forgotten about Carolyn Jones being in the show.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

That pilot is horrible. I noticed the mirror's images are off... was that part of the comedy shtick?

Oh, according to Wikipedia, Wonder Woman was played by Linda Harrison, while Diana Prince was Ellie Wood Walker.

Thank you, Lynda Carter, for being the quintessential Wonder Woman.


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