Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Actor Screen Tests for 1960s Batman TV Show

Here are two screen tests for different sets of actors for the 60s Batman TV show. The first features Lyle Waggoner as Batman and Peter Deyell as Robin; the second features Adam West and Burt Ward (listed under his real name of Burton Gervis in the clip). Each set of actors has their own interpretation of their roles, even though the scripts are identical. Waggoner seems too stiff to me, although Deyell doesn't make a bad Robin. However, I think the producers made the right choices in West and Ward. Judge for yourself!


Todd Mason said...

Waggoner and Deyell just don't have the voices, even if Deyell seems to move better ("Ward"'s attempt at a karate chop demo is pretty sad...but lends credence to West's amused reminiscence in his memoirs about "Ward" talking up his own martial arts credentials, particularly just before Bruce Lee was to be on set for the crossover episodes with THE GREEN HORNET). Waggoner also seems to be playing it too straight, and Deyell perhaps also, though Waggoner doesn't give him much to bounce off of.

Odd curios, Brian...thanks for the link (and I think I might look at that SECRET AGENT episode).

Todd Mason said...

Deyell has had a remarkably persistent while fringy career since his kid actor days.

Dartman said...

It sounds like Lyle says "up the ass can"

Phillyradiogeek said...

Todd: Yes, I thought his karate chop was pretty weak. Plus, if I can break a board (which I have in the past), anyone can.

Rich: Poor Batman and Robin. No matter what medium they're in, no matter what incarnation, they can't escape the whole homoeroticism thing.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...


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