Monday, April 19, 2010

Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles, Gobots!

I recently came across a podcast called the Roboplastic Apocalypse, which discusses in detail the history and popularity of toy robots. Two recent episodes discussed the Gobots, the "other" robots-to-vehicles toy line that arrived in stores about the same time as the Transformers. As the Gobots don't seem to be as fondly remembered, I thought I'd give them their due.

Here are a few commercials hawking the Gobots. Unlike the Transformers, the good and evil sides of the Gobots were not tied down to one vehicle type (good guys=cars, bad guys=airplanes); a Gobot was what it was regardless of allegiance.

Here is a Japanese commercial for the Gobots original incarnation as Machine Robo, before they came to America and adopted a new storyline and canon.

And here is an episode of the accompanying TV animated series (no self-respecting toy line was without one in the 80s). From Challenge of the Gobots, here is "Crime Wave."

For the interesting story behind the Gobots, check out the Roboplastic Apocalype podcast episodes here and here.


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