Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten TV: A Pinky and the Brain Christmas


This week's Forgotten TV is the 1995 special A Pinky and the Brain Christmas. In traditional P & The B style, the duo plot to take over the world, this time on Christmas Eve via a doll invented by Brain. They trek to the North Pole to trick Santa and his elves to create enough of the mind-controlling dolls to enslave the world's children. All the while, Pinky works on his letter to Santa, much to Brain's annoyance. However, that letter turns out to be a key component in the special's resolution.

I admit that the special isn't exactly on par with the classics such as Charlie Brown and Rudolph, but the ending is so great--and unexpectedly touching--that it's well worth an annual viewing. I was in college when this first aired, and I remember my jaw dropping at how things played out.



FilmFather said...

I just heard yesterday that Rusty Mills, one of the lead animators on Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, has died at age 49 from colon cancer. So sad.

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Todd Mason said...

49...that's Way too close to 48. Sorry to read it.

The only WB network cartoon to get a primetime workout, as I recall...

Phillyradiogeek said...

FF: that is sad, but he leaves some great animation behind him.

Todd: I think you're correct. Fox tried Batman: The Animated Series in a primetime slot for a time, but at Sunday nights at 7, which is not a good hour due to sports overruns. I wish they tried it in a more friendly slot; it could have been a success if marketed properly.


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