Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Free Comic Book Day This Saturday, May 3rd, 2014!

Comic book fans rejoice! It's that time of year again--Free Comic Book Day 2014 is almost here! This Saturday, May 3rd, comic book shops around the country are offering select titles to new and returning customers for free! This is a great opportunity to discover the glorious medium of comics--or perhaps rediscover them if you haven't checked them out in a long time.

For a participating retailer near you, go to the official Free Comic Book Day Web site, enter your zip code, and you're on your way to free comic books! There are about 60 titles being offered this year from a variety of publishers, from the famous companies like DC and Marvel to smaller independent publishers. There are comics for kids, adults, and everyone in between, in a full palette of genres. There's something for everyone! Check the official site for a full list of titles. Note that not all titles will be available at every retailier.

You should also be aware that, although the comics are free to customers, they are NOT free to the retailers; they still buy the books from the publishers. Do your local comic shop a favor and buy some of their regular products to show your support and appreciation.

Here is a video sampling of what Free Comic Book Day is all about, along with shows of support from two familiar faces!


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Todd Mason said...

Missed it again. Sick today.

This had nothing to do with that:


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