Friday, January 30, 2015

List O' Links for Friday, January 30, 2015

Football! Super Bowl! Halftime show! Deflation! Commercials! It's Super Bowl Weekend!

Eh, I don't watch football.

But I do follow the Internet, and here are some fun things I found whilst doing so!

My former employer, TV GUIDE magazine, has an awesome part of their Web site dedicated to all of the amazing covers they've published in their 50+ years of existence. Get lost in them here!

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, it's a good time to check out this rad Pinewood Derby car made to look like the Ecto-1 car from the first movie. Fantastic!

Des Taylor is a great artist, and no where is this fact more evident than in this series of renderings of Supergirl. Beautiful work!

If he were a real person and not a fictional character, The Rockford Files's Jim Rockford would disapprove of this blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and all of social media. See him go on a rant about the dangers of data mining back in the mid-70s!

Finally, this is as much a work of art as anything. A cake made to look like an Atart 2600! Brilliant!

Have a great weekend! Don't drink and drive! Don't eat too many buffalo wings! Go [insert favored football team here]!


Anonymous said...

Though, fwiw, the current TV GUIDE has only a tenuous connection to the TVG we worked together...and the parcellor-out of the old TVG has, is now or is about to lay off most of the people you worked with, of those still there. Another management brainstorm...I forget, did you leave in one of the earlier management brainstorms?

Phillyradiogeek said...

I got cut when the digest was discontinued--I was in Make-Up at the time, which is all about digest, so we were done. Fortunately, I had applied for a new job two days BEFORE my layoff was announced. Kismet.


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