Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mighty Mouse, "Super Mouse Rides Again"

Before the character Mighty Mouse was a mildly disguised spoof of Superman, he was an outright blatant spoof of Superman. Here is one of the earliest Mighty Mouse appearances--perhaps the earliest appearance ever--in his original name of Super Mouse (before DC Comics' lawyers got a hold of Terry Toons). It's the standard Mighty Mouse formula: cute mice frolicing in a meadow, a threat comes along to ruin the festivities (almost always a cat), and Super/Mighty Mouse "saves the day." Man, the hours I spent as a kid watching these cartoons over and over.



Todd Mason said...

But this early work gets points for cleverness that I don't remember so much from the later cartoons...and for not being an operetta...thanks.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Yeah, the opera stuff never took with me. Just say the dialogue!

I should look up the editions with archvillain Oil Can Harry. Those were my favorites.


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