Wednesday, November 7, 2018

McDonaldland Playground Advertising Film, 1972

Ah, the McDonaldland playground. Many a child of the 70s and early 80s has fond memories of playing in this burger-inspired wonderland. Or perhaps they scraped their knee or broke a bone there. Nevertheless, playing in the McDonaldland playground was a required Generation X childhood activity. Although many locations still have some sort of play area for kids, they're not nearly as elaborate and ornate as the playgrounds of yore.

The following is a promotional film made by a company called SetMakers, the original manufacturer of the playground equipment. This film was sent to McDonald's franchisees to entice them to improve their restaurants' sales via the McDonaldland playground attraction. This was made in 1972, and I have to say, the playground depicted in the film is the most elaborate I've ever seen!

Of course, SetMakers put their best foot forward in trying to sell as much of their equipment as possible, but franchisees were allowed to order as many or as few of the attractions as they wanted, so if you were of age to experience a McDonaldland playground, your experience may not have been as grand as the one demonstrated in this film.

I visit McDonald's all the time, but I really wish they still had these playgrounds. I'd squeeze my old butt on them today!



Caffeinated Joe said...

Flashback time. We had a small play area at our McDs as a kid, but I don't have definitive memories of playing in it. I am sure I did, must have, but not something my brain held on to!

One near us now has an indoor playplace. All so much safer, indoors, with foam everywhere and a playplace attendant. Different world indeed!

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks Joe. I'm sure the modern play places are much safer, but they don't have the charm of the old school playgrounds (I say in full grumpy old man mode!).


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