Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Classic Christmas Commercials 2018 Edition

Today I present, later than I usually do in a season, a round of classic Christmas commercials. Some may not understand my fascination with TV commercials, as they are usually something people complain about, but there's something about an old commercial, especially with a Christmas theme, that takes you back to good memories and celebrations just like a TV program can.

Here's hoping this year's showcase does the same for you!

First up, this sweet spot for Burger King from 1976.

Next, a series of promos for various CBS Christmas specials such as Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, among others.

I never thought to sing "Deck The Halls" with the name of M&Ms inserted, but now that's all I can do!

This may be the "hardest sell" Christmas commercial I've ever seen, and I just discovered it days ago. The first Tim Burton Batman film was the hottest selling VHS tape of 1989, and this commercial pulls no punches in emphasizing how urgent a gift this was!

Everyone is still lamenting the loss of Toys R Us this year, and their classic Christmas commercial is one of the all-time greats, but this commercial for the even longer expired toy chain Kiddie City isn't shabby either!

Finally, this last commercial is the most recent of the bunch, being from 2014, but it deserves to be noted as being as wonderful as ringing Hershey's Kisses or Santa sliding on snow on an electric razor. In this Apple Computers commercial, an infamous and lonely figure tries to make peace with the townsfolk by embracing the holidays with them. Things nearly go awry, but the magic of the holidays sets in. What a great commercial!



Caffeinated Joe said...

All great choices. The Frankenstein commercial is a great new addition. Now, make the season slow down, please?

Unknown said...

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Tom said...

Not sure how I missed this post over Christmas, but I had to comment.

I'm obsessed with Christmas commercials as well. In fact, I keep a playlist of Christmas commercials on my hard drive interspersed with the usual Christmas specials. I think it adds to the experience when watching. And I agree, the Apple Frankenstein commercial has earned its place among the classics.


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