Thursday, April 24, 2008

Field Communications Internal Sales Tape 1980

I had so much fun discussing UHF TV with my friend and fellow blogger Todd Mason (check out his Sweet Freedom blog in my favorites section) in the comments section of my WKBS Channel 48 post, I decided to share with you this presentation tape made by station company Field Communications in the autumn of 1980. It shows the major primetime programming at all of their stations at the time. They certainly had a lot to be proud of in 1980; it's a shame the group owners couldn't put their personal animosity aside and build on their success (see my previous post about the company).


Todd Mason said...

This keeps sending me back to WIKIPEDIA, and I keep Just Having to make adjustments.

And, Brian, not only did I customize televison schedules as a kid, since I was a fan of Caedmon, Miller-Brody Newbery Award, Spoken Arts and other dramatic and literary audio recordings, I made up radio schedules, too...first fascinated by the double-page spread devoted to same in the 1930-1940 volume of the Time-Life series THIS FABULOUS CENTURY.

Todd Mason said...

Which reminds, did you ever hear any of Rod Serlings early-'70s series ZERO HOUR? I'd only recently come across it. Like THE CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER or the SEARS RADIO THEATER/MUTUAL RADIO THEATER later on, it put itself on a punishing weekdaily schedule, and even more foolishly made every week's offerings a five-part serial, leaving the auditors out of luck if they missed Tuesday or Friday's installment.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I never made schedules, which seems surprising as that certainly seems like something I would do.

I'm not familiar with the Serling radio show, but I remember my brothers listening to the other show s you mentioned (likely CBS MYSTERY on 1210 AM).


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