Monday, February 8, 2010

State of the Blog 2010

Hello everyone! I hope everyone was able to avoid problems both snow and mudslide related this weekend.

What do I have to blog today? Honestly, not much. Things are a bit hectic lately, between shoveling snow and surgery for my mother-in-law tomorrow (wish her luck!). I'm afraid I haven't had much time to post something awesomely mind-blowing. I have some things in mind, but they take a bit of research and video searching, so they'll have to wait awhile.

I would like to ask you directly aboutwhat you think of this blog. Any and all feedback you can give me will help make this place a better, more entertaining blog. If there anything you want me to talk more about? Less? What about the blog layout or design? What changes would you like to see?

Please let me know by either leaving a comment on this post or emailing me directly at Please also follow me on Twitter at

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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