Thursday, March 4, 2010

7-Up Commercials Starring Geoffrey Holder

I'm a huge soda drinker. We're talking addiction level, which may explain why I'm 60 pounds overweight. Pepsi is my main drug of choice, but I'm certainly not averse to Coke. One soda that I used to drink quite often as a kid was 7-Up, the "Uncola." It used to be a high profile soft drink, but seems to have faded from pop culture consciousness these days. Maybe a return to catchy TV advertising would change that around. Advertising like what you'll find below.

Throughout the 70s and early 80s, 7-Up commercials featured actor Geoffrey Holder espousing the pleasures of drinking the product, noting it's refreshing, crisp taste as opposed to the supposed sludge of cola drinks. These commercials were all over TV back in the day and were both enjoyable and effective. See for yourself, and perhaps you'll wish you had a 7-up handy!

Learn more about Gefforey Holder's impressive career here. And for more pontification of soda lore, check out Branded in the 80s for Shawn Robare's new article category, Soda Pop Culture. Thanks!


Jamie Ghione said...

Funny, I was just thinking of one of these commercials recently.

Bruce Hershey said...

You really went on to collect these commercials with Geoffrey Holder (so that's his name). We can really say that the drink was part of the pop culture phenomenon back in the days and yes, maybe a cool commercial can bring it back to our awareness. I particularly remember the second video.

I grew up here in Toronto, and every commercial shown here nowadays has better production than years before. But I especially like the old ones. Very nostalgic, especially about the big companies.


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