Friday, March 19, 2010

Pac-Man as Pitchman

In the spirit of my Peanuts as Pitchmen series, and riding the wave of 80s nostalgia this week, I present another pop culture icon as product shill, and another favorite here at the blog--Pac-Man.

Here is a commercial for 7-Up from 1982 that features both Pac-Man and a jingle-ized version of "Bette Davis Eyes."  You can't get more 80s than that.

Love Pac-Man?  Love pasta?  Then you'll love Pac-Man Pasta!

Finally, here is a commercial that is labeled as for Pepsi on YouTube but is in fact for some kind of online gaming platform or something.  Being a Spanish language commercial makes it diffuclt for me to tell.  It features an interesting way to present Pac-Man, however.

And thus wraps up a huge week here at the blog.  I'm out of town this weekend, but I'll be here on Monday.  Thanks!

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