Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally, My Thoughts On The Lost Series Finale

I hope that Lost fans who read this blog will still be interested in reading my thoughts on the finale five days after it aired.  I'll get right to it!

The best part of the finale was the resolution of all the main characters' emotions and motivations on the Island.  These characters were tortured souls from the very first episode, so to see them finally at peace was touching.  Despite many complaints from other fans, I loved that the alternate reality of the last season turned out to be a way station to "heaven," created by the characters themselves.  I never once saw that coming, but once it was revealed, I was totally on board and happy to see everyone ready to "let go, and move on."

Of course, like many others, I would have loved to have received more answers to the Island's many mysteries.  Why did pregnant women die on the Island?  What exactly was the "Hurley bird?"  Was the craziness that took over Rousseau, Sayid, and Claire the sickness mentioned in earlier seasons, and if so, what was the antidote we saw?  Did Jacob force the characters to cross paths before the plane crash?  What's the story behind the music group Geranimo Jackson?  Did Libby remember Hurley from the mental institution?

I can't fault finale detractors too much for being upset about the lack of answers, and I believe the case can be made that these and other questions should have been addressed at some point.  But I disagree when they say that the show was more about these mysteries than the characters.  The show was about both equally.

Still, what they did with the characters was so beautiful, I'm not that upset about the unresolved mysteries.  I suppose the creators believe it's good to leave some mysteries unresolved, and perhaps time will reveal that they are right.  I've had a great time following this show for the last six years and I thank everyone involved for a fantastic show.  Rest in peace, Lost!


Wings said...

Great wrap-up!

I have an idea about the problem with births and the 'craziness'. I think we were shown what Jacob's "mother" did in the "Across the Sea" episode to explain both of them.

I think she wasn't just the first island protector, I think she was some sort of part of the island, or manifestation somehow. She was the one the early natives built the statue to honor. And she sort of cursed the island, inadvertently I think, when she killed Jacob and his brother's real mother after she gave birth to them. She was there as the island protector, but she made a big mistake, and that was the result. The craziness can be chalked up to her being alone there for so long, we don't even know, or to the unresolved anger and unhappiness Jacob's brother felt at being trapped on the island.

Aaron's birth and Sun's pregnancy were the breaking of that curse. It was time for the island to let it go.

My take. :)

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks Wings. I like that the protector of the Island, whoever it may be, is never infallible. Each one has made mistakes, whether the mother, Jacob (boy did he screw up!), perhaps even Jack in his brief tenure (I don't think he knew pulling the cork would break the Island).

Wings said...

I think Jack thought it would just stop the Smoke Monster/Fake Locke. But what it did was turn his, and Jack, human and mortal. They could die. Once the monster was stopped, Jack had to go back and recork it and restore the magic of the island. Hurley, therefore, has the longevity Jacob had.

Todd Mason said...

Why does the island need a "protector"?

Phillyradiogeek said...

To guard, what we learned in just the last couple of episodes, is a light that is the source of all goodness, etc. If it falls into the wrong hands it will extinguish all goodness in the world. Sounds goofy the way I describe it, I know.

Todd Mason said...

No goofier than the rest of my experience of the series...thanks.


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