Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010 Recap

As I made such a big deal of Free Comic Book Day on here, Facebook, and Twitter, it seems appropriate that I briefly share my experience this weekend.

My wife (God love her) took me and the kids to the Voorhees, NJ public library, which had a FCBD event sponsored by All Things Fun! in West Berlin, NJ. We picked up Iron Man/Thor (the only book I've read so far--meh), Archie, Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock, Toy Story, DC Kids Mega Sampler, Bongo Comics Free For All, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The library had Star Wars characters Dath Vader, a stormtrooper and a Tuskan raider, all three of whom scared the wits out of my four-year-old boy. Still, the kids were happy to get their free comics, DC hero buttons and tattoos (the tattoos are still on after three days), and War Machine Heroclix. A great time was had by all!

If you attended an FCBD event, let me know about it in the comments section.  Thanks!


Todd Mason said...

I might've, if I could've dragged myself out of bed...were any of the other publishers represented there? I imagine Fantagraphics might not be putting out too much product for this...

Erick said...

My wife took me to three local comic shops (she waited in the car, aren't wifes great?) At the first one, the owner was dressed as the Joker and another guy was Batman. I bought an action figure and a couple of old Classics Illustrated comics and got a bunch of free comics. At the second one I bought my new comics and a couple of packs of trading cards and got more free comics. At the third one I bought a few old horror movie mini-poster reproductions and got a couple more free comics. Had a great time.


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