Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's Lemonade Days Are This Weekend!

This Friday through Sunday, June 11-13, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation will be holding their annual Lemonade Days, their biggest fundraising drive of the year!  Lemonade stands will be held throughout the country to raise money for pediatric cancer research, all in the name of the little girl who started it all, Alex Scott.

On Thursday, June 10th, a telethon will be held in Philadelphia on CBS 3 TV to kick off the campaign.  If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, please give what you can to this incredible organization.

My wife, an elementary school teacher, has held a stand at her school for several years, so this event is especially close to us.

Here is American Idol's Jordan Sparks to tell you more.

Please do what you can to help fight childhood cancer--one cup at a time!

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The Frog Queen said...

What a cool event! Good luck raising money for the kids.



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