Thursday, June 3, 2010

Avengers Assemble...For A Contest!

The Avengers have once again been relaunced by Marvel Comics and in a big way.  Rave reviews are pouring in, and between that and the excitement over the Avengers-related movies in the air, what better time than now for me to launch my first-ever contest?

I'm trying to clear out some of my comic book stash, so I thought I'd give a reader a chance to score some free books, all starring the Avengers.  Most are very recent (within the past year) and all are in near mint condition (there may be some slight wear around the edges of a cover here and there or some slight spine roll).  All books are bagged and boarded.  They will be sent via US Postal Service Priority Mail (no insurance or tracking).  The issues are:

Avengers #300 (Inferno tie-in)
Avengers #305 (written by John Byrne)
New Avengers #49 and 50 (Dark Reign tie-ins)
Mighty Avengers # 20 (Secret Invasion epilogue) 21-26 (Dark Reign tie-ins), 35, 36 (Siege tie-ins)

All you have to do is answer three easy questions:

1) Who was the first founding member of the Avengers to leave the team?
2) Who was the first villian the team ever fought?
3) For awhile, Steve Rogers gave up being Captain America and ran around wearing a black variation of  his Cap uniform, most recently worn by the USAgent.  By what simplified name did he go by during this time?  HINT:  the name appears on a cover of one of the issues mentioned above.

And that's it!  The first person to reply in the comments section with all three correct answers wins.  If this works out, I may have more contests in the future.

Good luck, and Excelsior!

UPDATE AS OF 6/4/2010: We have a winner, and that winner is...Bill Doughty!  You can check his blog Trusty Plinko Stick for mirth and merriment.  Bill, you should receive them by the end of next week.  And not only will you receive the issues mentioned above, I forgot to mention that you will also be receiving Dark Avengers #s 1 and 2.  Enjoy!


Bill D. said...

1) Hulk
2) Loki
3) The Captain

Phillyradiogeek said...

WINNA!! Thanks for entering.


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