Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog On Hiatus Until October

I'm afraid so.  I've considered this off and on throughout the summer (a slower than usual time at the blog anyway), but I think it's necessary right now for several reasons.  One, I have to admit I'm struggling a bit for cool topics right now, the ever-famous writers' block.  Two, my home desktop PC has been on the fritz for a couple of months now and has made it harder to dedicate the time I'd like to the blog.  Finally, I have personal matters to attend to, such as my children and teacher wife preparing for school the next few weeks, and most importantly, a family tragedy we learned of this past weekend.  In the face of things that really matter, the blog can wait.

But one thing I want to make perfectly clear:  the blog is not finished.  Not by a long shot.  Many bloggers in the past say they're taking a brief break and then never return, but that won't happen here.  In fact, I will be performing maintenance on the blog throughout September, checking for dead links and videos that no longer exist (if you find any, please leave a comment or email me).  I will also be stockpiling new material to avoid future dry spells.

God willing, I will return to posting new material on October 1st, the start of---wait for it--the Countdown to Halloween!  Last year's event was a huge success for the blog, and I can't wait for this year.  As I've said before, October through December is my favorite time of year to blog, and this year will be no exception.

I will continue to post items on both Twitter and Facebook, that won't change, so if you need your daily dose of me, those will be the places to find me during this break.

Thank you to everyone who reads and supports this blog.  This may not be the most visited blog on the 'Net, but I truly appreciate every single reader.  You folks are the best!  Please bear with me, and stay tuned!  You never know, I may change my mind and come back early.  Thanks!


The Frog Queen said...

Take care of yourself. Looking forward to having you back in October.


FilmFather said...

My children and teacher wife head back to school next week, too. So sorry to read about your family tragedy.

Family infinitely trumps blogging...take care of yourself and hope to hear from you again soon.

Todd Mason said...

Goodness, Brian, I kind of glossed over the FaceBook note about the Virginia accident...terribly sorry to learn she was a relative.

Better luck, sir.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes!

global articles said...


Erick said...

We'll still be here when you come back. Can't wait until October. Take care.


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