Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pepperidge Farm Remembers!

Wow, look at me, posting two days in a row.  Will wonders never cease?

Today I feature classic commercials for Pepperidge Farm, makers of treats such as Milano cookies (a favorite of my mother) and Goldfish crackers (a lifelong favorite of mine) as well as many others.  Pepperidge Farm's commercials featured an old-timey spokesman (played well by radio actor Parker Fennelly, a regualr on Fred Allen's program) who dressed like a 1920s grocer and spoke with a heavy New England accent to sell the company's image as curators of old-fashioned quality and taste (as well as the company's New England roots).  At least once in every commercial, Fennelly announced the company's famous slogan, "Pepperidge Farm Remembers."

Then again, perhaps Pepperidge Farm remembers too much...


Kristen said...

oh my god, do they still make the croissant pizza? I forgot all about it until just now. Thanks for the warm and fuzzy memories!

Phillyradiogeek said...

You'll have to check your grocer's freezer for that answer, but thanks for the praise. Me and You and a Blog Named Boo remembers!


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