Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember When I Used to Post McDonalds Commercials?

McDonald's material used to be a mainstay here at the blog, but Mac Tonight aside, I haven't done too much the last year or so.  They've proven popular in the past, so let's give it a (sesame seed) roll!

For my first entry, I have just four words to say: "Quack quack waddle waddle!"

In this one, when the dad brings home dinner for everyone, it's his way of saying, "Your new babysitter is also your new second mommy.  Don't worry, your first mommy isn't going anywhere; we'll be one big happy family!"

Happy Meal flying saucers were awesome!

Finally, this clip proves that Beethoven was the first McDonalds jingle writer.

You deserve a break today!


Bill D. said...

I usually felt a little gypped when the Happy Meal container was supposed to be the toy, but the flying saucers were pretty awesome.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I loved the Happy Pails as well. They debuted one summer and became a Halloween perennial for a while.


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