Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Men and Little Misses

As Google so happily pointed out to us, today would have been the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the creator of the popular line of children's books Mr. Men and Little Misses.  I knew that very recently there existed a cartoon TV series featuring the adventures of the characters, but I didn't know until today that a series of cartoons previously existed.

Here is one example, featuring Mr. Tickle.  After you watch it, you may find him as creepy as I did.  The dude literally lives to go out and tickle unsuspecting innocents with his extremely long arms.  This is yet another example of how innocent children's stories can have an unintentional ick factor.  Enjoy anyway!


FilmFather said...

My boys absolutely love Mr. Men. My older son has at least three dozen books of the different characters, and has 20 episodes of the recent TV show saved on TiVo. Mr. Men were the biggest thing for my boys...until they discovered Kirby about a year ago.

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Phillyradiogeek said...

FilmFather: Thanks for commenting! My kids aren't really that familiar with the characters, a problem I need to rectify very soon.

Todd Mason said...

Bad touch cartoons. Well, it's another object lesson...


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