Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: Battle Beyond The Stars

After my regrettable absence from the feature last week, I'm back with Tuesday's Forgotten Film.  This week, it's the Roger Corman produced Star Wars ripoff Battle Beyond The Stars.

I confess that I haven't seen the film, but you can deduce what the film is like easily enough from the trailer below.  Richard Thomas (The Waltons) plays a Luke Skywalker-esque character out to save the galaxy from the tyrannical villain played by character actor extraordinnaire John Saxon.  Throw in wisecracking pilot George Peppard (clearly a warm-up for his character of Hannibal on The A-Team) and you've got yourself a movie.

It's obviously a cash-in on the astronomical success of Star Wars--the title alone is a giveaway of that--but Battle has one thing the first Star Wars film doesn't--100% more mammography.

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Todd Mason said...

The Corman touch, that last...whether it's good touch or bad touch I leave to others, but anything to upgrade the STAR WARS formula is welcome. (I've never sat through BATTLE, either.)

FilmFather said...

I actually saw this in the theater and remember liking it quite a bit. (Granted, I was 11 and all about anything sci-fi thanks to Star Wars.)

I've been sitting on a downloaded copy of it I got off the interweb weeks ago, and have been planning to re-watch and review it. The fact that you're the third blogger I've read in the past week to mention it is maybe a sign I should do exactly that...

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Phillyradiogeek said...

Todd: I believe judgment on good touch/bad touch is up to the district attorney's office. Don't ask me how I know...

I could have used an even racier picture to demonstrate my point, but thought better of it.

FilmFather: I'd love to see this and many other cheesy films, but my time and resources are very limited. I envy your copy.

I've been watching Star Wars this week and thought of this film; the other bloggers may have done the same. Weird, wild stuff.

Erick said...

I also saw this at the theater when it came out. I liked it then but I haven't seen it since. I do have the View-Masters though.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Erick: if the View-Master has a shot of the chick in the costume, you were a lucky kid!

Chuck Esola said...

This is actually a (loose) remake of THE SEVEN SAMURAI. It's a pretty classy little movie by Corman standards and the special effects shots were reused many times in his later SF films such and GALAXY OF TERROR and FORBIDDEN WORLD.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Chuck: I had read about the link to SAMURAI and wanted to mention it, so thanks for bringing it up here. I'm surprised at the admiration for this movie--I'll have to check it out.

hapi said...

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FilmFather said...

It's finally coming this July: Battle Beyond the Stars 30th Anniversary Edition DVD and Blu-Ray!

Shout Factory's even throwing in a free iron-on decal!

Go to:

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Robert Vaughan literally reprises his role from The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Seven Samurai.


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