Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten TV Show: The Flash

Yes, after a couple weeks absence, I'm back!  And today, I remember the one-season wonder, The Flash.

The Flash aired on CBS Thursdays at 8pm during the 1990-1991 season.  The network had high hopes for the comic book-based series, as the first Tim Burton-Michael Keaton Batman film had been a monster success in theaters the previous year.  Despite anticipated audience carry-over, a big budget, and early media buzz, the show didn't make it past its first season, thanks in large part to its heavy competition in that time slot--NBC's The Cosby Show and Fox's The Simpsons

Why, even Mark Hammil appearing twice as the villian the Trickster couldn't save the series.  How could that costume fail?

I enjoyed the show quite a bit, as it had a good mix of action, humor, suspense, and even romance between soap star John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen/Flash and Amanda Pays (ABC's Max Headroom) as his love interest.  The series was released on DVD in 2006 but I believe it's no longer in print.  It is, however, available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

Right here is the show's intro and outro.

I was inspired to post about this particular series because I'm pysched up for this year's Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con this weekend!  I'll be there Friday night.  It will be my first big comic con ever.  I can't wait!

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