Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All the Hidden Endings to Marvel Comics Avengers Prequels in One Convenient Place

I've now seen all the Marvel Studios-produced films leading up to next year's Avengers movie (and my God, I hope it's awesome), and with the disappointing exception of Iron Man 2, I damn near love them.  Here, in breathless anticipation of the Avengers film, are the teaser scenes that appear after the end credits of the previous movies.

Iron Man:

The Incredible Hulk (I couldn't find the actual scene, but a piece of it was used in a TV commercial for the film)

Iron Man 2 (the worst of the films, but the best teaser scene):


And finally, Captain America:

Avengers assemble!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, i had missed the hidden end for capitan america, but it´s in the movie.



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