Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dance Fever Christmas Special

Ah, Dance Fever. What can I say about this classic, revered hallmark of American television entertainment? Well, it had amateur dancers competing on national television for prizes and cash. Plus, it debuted during the height of the disco craze and continued well into the neon glitz of the 80s. It was as cheesy as you can possibly imagine, and watching now, far removed from its pop culture context, it's delightful fun! And like all fine TV shows, it even had a Christmas special!

Here it is from the Christmas season of 1980, hosted by Danny Terrio, with celebrity judges Robert Blake, Chad Everett, and Connie Stevens, plus special performances from David Copperfield and the Gap Band, no less!. Put on your disco dancing shoes and boogie!


J Mello said...

Now that is a flashback! Groovy!

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks Joe!

Todd Mason said...

I assume you watched Channel 17's rebroadcast? of the two-hour special the other day?

Todd Mason said...

I don't know that Boston had a local equivalent in 1979, when I moved away, but Honolulu still had THE HAWAIIAN MOVING COMPANY throughout my five years there. (Hosted by an American DJ, Cauc guy with a deep Conelius-esque voice, who'd become a huge hit in Japan as "King Kong" till someone sued and he became "Kamasami Kong"... )

Phillyradiogeek said...

I did see some of the Dancin' On Air special when it aired on Thanksgiving night. My brothers and sisters got a good kick out of it, as they were of age when the original series aired.


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