Friday, April 27, 2012

List O' Links for Week of 4/27/12

It's been awhile, but List O' Links is back! And what a sweet lineup we have this week!

Comics Alliance presents 15 comic book TV shows that didn't make it to full series. Amazing Screw-On Head, anyone?

Fellow Adventure Time fans will get a kick out of this collection of 101 animated gifs from the series. Actually, its an even 100, as one of them is listed twice, but who's counting?

My blogging friend and high school alumnus Chris Nowaczyk professes why baseball is his religion.

Masters of the Universe characters created with Lite Brite pegs. Experience the power here and here.

Finally, Hero Complex, the online comic book blog published by the LA Times, featured this moving tribute to Jack Kirby by his son Neal.

Have a great weekend!

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