Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: The Wizard of Speed and Time (1979)

This week's Tuesday's Forgotten Film is a short one, both in the film length and the length of this article.

The Wizard of Speed and Time was a short film (three minutes long) that was created in 1979 and aired on TV as a segment of The Wonderful World of Disney. Special effects technician Mike Jittlov stars as the titular Wizard who speeds through Southern California wowing bystanders (especially the ladies) until he slips on a banana peel, hurling him into the sky and smack dab into the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Unharmed, he sallies forth with a song and dance routine: his singing, and dancing provided by movie cameras, lights, and other film equipment.

Jittlov later created a full length feature based on the concept, filming it in 1983 but not released until 1989, and even then only in limited release. Here I feature the original 3-minute short. Enjoy!

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