Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten TV: The Hat Squad

If you appreciate your crime drama served with a sense of fashion, you will appreciate this weeks' Tuesday's Forgotten TV, The Hat Squad.

The Hat Squad was a series about three orphaned boys whose parents all died as the result of violent crime. They are adopted by LA police officer Mike Ragland (James Tolkan) and his wife, who both regale the boys with tales of the "Hat Squad," the real-life unit of the LA police force that existed in the 50s.  The boys grow up to become policeman themselves and informally resurrect the squad, even wearing tailored suits and large fedora hats like the original squad, in the hopes of fighting crime the way it was done back in the day as well as avenge their parents' deaths.

The series, created by the late Stephen J. Cannell, didn't connect with viewers during the 1992-1993 TV season, and only 11 episodes aired. However, YouTube being the godsend it is, here is a clip of an episode. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I have this on dvd if you are interested

Anonymous said...

just email me at onesonofthunder2@yahoo.com if you are interested, thanks


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