Monday, September 24, 2012

Virtual Comic Con 2012: Tuesday's Forgotten TV: Captain America Starring Reb Brown

Welcome to Day 2 of my first Virtual Comic Con. Today, I incorporate Tuesday's Forgotten TV with a look at Captain America--but obviously not the latest film incarnation courtesy of Chris Evans, nor the earlier film version from 1990 starring Matt Salinger (for an in-depth look at that film, go here). Today we're looking at the two TV-movies from the late 70s starring Reb Brown.

The two films offer a Captain America that is far different from the comic book version. In the TV-movies, he plays Steve Rogers, living in modern times, as the son of a noted scientist whose patriotism earned him the nickname "Captain America."  When Rogers is seriously injured, a scientist and agent administers a special serum to him, created by Rogers' late father, that not only repairs the damage to Steve, but gives him heightened abilities. The agent then recruits Steve to fight evil forces in both films (including Christopher Lee in Captain America II).

The movies are, to be honest, bad, but in that fun, kitschy way. They were certainly a product of their time, which I can easily forgive, and they entertained me, which ultimately is the point. I would be happy to own them on DVD, which I can easily do, as they are available from Shout Factory.

And yes, that is a plastic shield he's holding. A PLASTIC. SHIELD!

I hope you're enjoying the Con so far. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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