Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: Teachers

Happy September everyone! As promised, I'm back, and I start the month off with this week's Tuesday's Forgotten Film, Teachers.

Teachers stars Nick Nolte as a high school teacher who is temporarily made school psychologist during a time of controversy. A graduate of the school files a lawsuit for being allowed to graduate without the abilities to read and write; one teacher (Richard Mulligan) is an outpatient at a mental hospital; and a student is shot and killled in a standoff with police on school grounds. Amidst all the chaos, Nolte befriends a promising student (Ralph Macchio) and tries to steer him in the right direction. Also among the cast are Judd Hirsch, JoBeth Williams, Crispin Glover, and Morgan Freeman.

The film goes back and forth between comedy and drama, and does so with relative ease, although the drama aspects are sometimes overwrought. Still, with students of every level returning to classes at this time of year, Teachers is a fine way to spend an hour and a half.

Below is the film's trailer. Thanks!

TEACHERS: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Teachers, Arthur Hiller


FilmFather said...

Y'know, my wife's a teacher, and I never thought to ask her if she's seen this movie. Must do that.

Fun fact: The theme song, .38 Special's "Teacher, Teacher," was co-written by Bryan Adams.

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Phillyradiogeek said...

FF: my wife is also a teacher (kindergarten at a public elementary school) and I don't know if she's seen this either.

Thanks for the mention of "Teacher Teacher." That may inspire another blog post--teacher songs!


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