Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zombie Makeup Special Effects Time Lapse

I just came across this interesting video a month or so ago. Microchip maker Intel is currently hosting a contest which solicits videos from contestants to create a commercial demonstrating the concept of "change over time." This is a rather frightful but cool Intel-produced example of what they're looking for.

A young attractive girl gets the zombie makeup treatment, only to become a zombie herself and decay--all in less than two minutes. Very cool!

Now, the making of the video.

The contest is still accepting entries until next Tuesday, October 23rd. If you think you have what it takes to create a cool video of your own, enter here.

If you're into zombies (and I assume you are), then you probably like the AMC TV series The Walking Dead. If you are a fan, you may enjoy my alter ego I manage on Twitter, the fictitious "Zombie Sophia." The character is the undead version of young character Sophia, who, in my twisted corner of Twitter, just happens to have an account from which she spews hopefully funny, and sometimes profane, passages and sound bites.They're usually about the series, but sometimes they can be about anything at all.  It's stupid, it's unnecessary, but I love it! Please follow me there, if you will.


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Cristine Douglas said...

Zombies are one of the best halloween makeup and they are really scary and gory. I'd love to try one this coming Halloween.

Let me share you my own list of different Halloween makeup ideas that may give you some options too.


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