Thursday, July 10, 2014

AMC Pacer TV Commercials

A couple of weeks ago I posted a documentary for Tuesday's Overlooked Film about the late, lamented car the AMC Pacer. It was an intriguing look at a car that is often maligned today, but when it made its debut back in 1975, it was the hottest car on the market. Everyone was talking about it, and many consumers were eager to buy one. Part of this attraction to the Pacer was due to AMC's marketing of the car.

Below are several TV commercials selling the sizzle of the AMC Pacer. I love seeing this currently criticized product being discussed so positively back in its time. Plus, between the fact that it's a Pacer being advertised and the style of production and look of these commercials, they scream 1970s American culture, which I always enjoy seeing. I hope you do too.


The following clip isn't a TV commercial, but it appears to be an industrial film, perhaps for dealers interested in learning more about the cars they were selling. Either way, it's fun to watch.

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