Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday's Underappreciated Music: The Left Banke

It's the last day of July 2014, and it's also the last Thursday of the month, so it's time for this month's Underappreciated Music. My selection this month: the two most famous songs by the 1960s group The Left Banke.

The band has a storied and interesting history which you can check out here, and I recommend you do so. There were many band member changes that led to some interesting connections (including comedian Michael McKean and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith). The most important aspect of the band, of course, was the music, including their two big hits featured here.

First, the very pretty song in itself, "Pretty Ballerina." This is a beautiful and elegant song that doesn't get much airplay today, so I'm featuring it first. This is followed by their signature song, "Walk Away Renee." The greatness of the song speaks for itself.



Todd Mason said...

Oddly, I don't think I've ever heard the first song before...not too shabby an example of That Kind of straddling folk- and baroque/light-prog-rock.

Todd Mason said...


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