Sunday, October 25, 2015

Attack of the Muppets!

The Muppets are in the spotlight in pop culture again due to the launch of their new primetime series (which I haven't seen yet, unfortunately). However, there are moments from their history that are appropriate for Halloween viewing. I have a few of these moments below.

First, two spooky ghosts do an interesting take on the Beatles tune "I'm Looking Through You" from the original Muppet Show.

Also from the Muppet Show, a Muppet News Flash reporting the spontaneous morphing of inanimate objects into monsters!

This next clip really proves how creepy and weird the Muppets can get when they want to!

From Sesame Street, we learn that the Count is a union buster against his bats.

Finally, while not an actual Muppets project, the Jim Henson Company produces PBS's Sid the Science Kid, featuring CGI preschoolers learning various science lessons. Here, they sing a song about the decay of various organic items, including autumn leaves and a jack o' lantern.


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