Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween TV Commercials 2015 Edition

One of the first types of articles I like to post at the beginning of the Countdown is a collection of fun and spooky TV commercials. That's how you know a holiday season is upon us. And just when I think I've exhausted the supply of available commercials on the Web, items come along at just the right time for me to discover. Here is this year's collection!

Directly from my childhood, here is a great commercial for Hershey's chocolate from way back in 1981. Watching this clip really is like time travel for me.

Even earlier is this Hershey's commercial from 1972. The quality of the video is poor, so you can barely tell the kids are wearing Halloween costumes, but it is definitely about the holiday.

Wicked witches are bad enough to deal with, but a wicked itch? It's time to get Lanacane!

For a much more recent commercial--2014--here is one promoting the well received Cheetos Bag O' Bones. Short but sweet.

There are many stories about the loss of a loved one and attempts to reconnect with them in the afterlife. This next commercial is the first one I've seen about a beer!

The owner of this local furniture store thinks he's really funny.

Speaking of furniture, this awesome commercial for Ikea does a great job parodying The Shining!

As usual, you can always get some great Halloween finds at Goodwill!

I haven't heard of Value Village before, but I'd buy my Halloween costume from there!

Kmart has fallen on VERY hard times the last ten years or so, but they may still be an option for your Halloween needs.

Finally, this one's on the gross side, but it is entertaining. Online is always a fine option for Halloween costume shopping. It's better than the lengths the poor fellow in this commercial went to!

I have so many commercials left over, I'll post them later in the month. Until then, I hope you enjoyed these.

Have a great weekend! We have a whole month of Halloween goodness ahead of us!


Wings1295 said...

Fun commercials! In the second one, I had to laugh at the girl who broke off a piece of the Hershey bar then proceeded to take a bite of the bar still in the wrapper. LOL - what?

Phillyradiogeek said...

Kids are dumb :)


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