Sunday, November 11, 2007

Speaking of Thanksgiving...

As long as this is intended to be a thankful time of year, I'd like to thank some folks you have made my earliest blogging days happy ones.

First I wish to thank Dave at the Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing BLAAAHHHGGG!!! and Rich "Dartman" Dart of Dartman's World of Wonder for including me in the links sections of their respective blogs. I appreciate the support (and traffic that will hopefully come my way).

I also want to thank Kirk at the Secret Fun Blog for his kind words and assistance. He informed me of some useful resources for growing my blog, and I will use those resources to make this a blog you'll return to time and again. He also gave me a mention regarding the Witch's Night Out video I posted on Halloween.

The great blogs these gentlemen have created helped inspire me to do what I'm doing now, and if you enjoy what I've done so far, they deserve your thanks as well. You can find all of their blogs in my favorite links section.

Happy holidays, guys, and thanks again!

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