Monday, August 18, 2008

The Mighty Heroes

Long-time readers of this blog will remember my post back in April regarding the defunct UHF TV channel 48, WKBS in Philadelphia, and how it featured the coolest cartoons in the city. One of those cartoons was the Mighty Heroes!

The Mighty Heroes first aired on CBS Saturday mornings in the fall of 1966 as part of the Mighty Mouse program. Both Mighty Mouse and the Heroes were created by the Terrytoons animation company. The concept for the Heroes was pitched by fledgling animator Ralph Bakshi, who went on to later fame, or infamy, as the creator of adult-themed cartoons such as Fritz the Cat and Cool World.

The Mighty Heroes, however, were as innocent as can be, although they were quite inept at handling their weekly villian. The team consisted of super-powered baby and team leader Diaper Man, a strong man named Strong Man (fancy that), Tornado Man, Rope Man, and Cuckoo Man. These bungling heroes would start attacking their villian without regard for their fellow teammates. Only when they worked cohesively as a group did they eventually foil the bad guy.

Here is one of my favorite installments, and according to some online sources, the first installment of the series, "The Plastic Blaster."

What a fun cartoon, and what great theme music!

This next clip is something I never saw until very recently: the actual wraparound theme and bumpers used in the original CBS network airings. These never appeared in the syndicated packages I saw on channel 48 in the late 70s. An awesome find!

Thanks as always!


heffison said...

Wow, that was a blast from the past, indeed. I never knew they were associated with Mighty Mouse.

I do remember feeling bad for Rope Man because he stopped being a human and turned into a rope-bodied creature. Somehow it didn't help that he could apparently turn back after the adventure was over. Strange what things pop into a kid's mind.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Welcome heffison, and thanks! I hope you stick around.

I never quite got Rope Man's ability to change back and forth from rope. In fact, I always wondered at the Heroes' origin stories. The only time such stories were attempted was in a one-shot comic book published by Marvel in 1997, which I'de love to read someday..


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