Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School 2009: Mad TV's Public Schoolhouse Rock

Although the Labor Day weekend is still a few days before us, the summer is already effectively over for many. My wife, a kindergarten teacher, begins her first day of the year tomorrow. Our 6-year-old daughter begins first grade on Wednesday. Many college students (you perhaps?) start this week, if they haven't started already. Although the calendar says otherwise, fall is here. To begrudgingly acknowledge this fact, here is the blog's kickoff to fall, courtesy of Mad TV.

Mad TV was the Fox network's answer to Saturday Night Live until this past spring, when it was canceled. One of its long-running skits was a series of animated spoofs of one of my alltime favorite TV shows, Schoolhouse Rock. Although they are funny, they also carry a sad message on the state of urban public schools in America. Here are Mad TV's twisted versions of Rock classics. Enjoy!

For more back to school treats, here is my post from last year.

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