Friday, October 15, 2010

Tales of the Wizard of Oz: The Reunion

Today is a short cartoon from what I consider to be a strange TV series.  Tales of The Wizard of Oz was a series that aired in 1961 (I don't know which network or if in syndication) that had its own take on the classic Oz characters.  The character design was simple and almost grotesque in some places, and the characters' personalities were a departure from what we're familiar with in the classic film.  The series seems to go more for pure comedy rather than charm or heart that other incarnations of the story do.  See for yourself here, as the Wicked Witch pays a visit to her witch school reunion.  I must say, the Witch has quite a menacing laugh here!

Oh, and another thing...


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B said...

Thanks for posting about the "Tales of the Wizard of Oz." I can't believe these are almost 50 years old !


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