Friday, October 22, 2010

Frankenstein as Pitchman

Today I have four appearances of the Frankenstein monster plugging various products.  I've featured Frankie in commercials before, but never in a post devoted specifically to him.  On to it!

You know why you always see him moaning and groaning?  Stiff, achey joints!  But steady use of Osteo-Biflex clears it right up.

Here is one for Twix candy bars. Don't ever ask him to share them.

Next, here is Frankie alias Herman Munster in a commercial for Cheerios.  This has appeared in many Halloween-themed blogs in the past, so why not here?

Finally, Frank arises from his artic slumber--and writes a note thanking Bic pens for the help!

Although my post today is not a part of it, today is Frightful Frankenstein Friday at 17 other great blogs.  This is in celebration of the new collection of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein comics of the Golden Age.  Read more about it here.  Thanks!

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