Monday, October 19, 2009

More Halloween TV Commercials

Remember in my last post about Halloween commercials that I said there aren't that many Halloween commercials out there? Boy, was I wrong! I've found quite a few more cool TV commercials since then. Here they are!

The first is an absolute hoot. It's a commercial from the very early 70s for Orange Shasta soft drink with Frankenstein's monster, named Igor here. I love the grainy film, which gives it a horror movie type of feel. And Igor's grin is hilarious. Plus, John Fiedler and Tom Bosley! Thanks to Professor Brian O'Blivion of the Cathode Ray Mission blog for bringing this to my attention!

Pepsi will help you kick off a great Halloween party!

Toys 'R' Us used to have great commercials. Here is a really cool example for Halloween. Be careful, the volume is quite loud.

Here is a quick one for Dunkin' Donuts that debuted a year or two ago and is still airing this season.

This next commercial is for spending Halloween at Universal Studios. I love the self carving pumpkin at the end.

This is a fun one for Jiffy Pop popcorn featuring a witch who likes to cook.

Here is another witch commercial from the UK for Orange movie theaters, featuring the most famous witch of all.

Back to food, here is a Cap'n Crunch commercial with zombies. That's an unlikely combination.

Lastly, this commercial is the most tame but also my favorite of the bunch. It's a simple, sweet ad for Rick Krispies featuring a mom and her kids making Rick Krispy Treats for the big day. It's not scary, spooky, and features no monsters, but it does feature family members sharing time with each other for one of the most fun days of the year. What more can you ask for?


Wings said...

Fun stuff! I did a similar theme last week, with some Halloween-themed commercials. So many out there, it can be hard to choose!

Love the Wicked Witch one! :)

The Crap Blog Detective said...

You promise to stop blogging after Halloween?

AllHallowSteve said...

Nice post!
I hadn't seen some of those.

I really liked the Mummy-Pumpkin-o' Lantern in the Universal Horror Nights commercial.
Think I might give that a shot this year...


Phillyradiogeek said...

Wings: Thanks! I'll check out your commercials too.

Crap Blog Detective: I've been blogging crap for two years--why stop now?

AllHallowSteve: If you try the mummy-lantern, post it on your blog so we can check it out!

home staging Toronto said...

Hi. Really funny videos. I like especially Jiffy Pop popcorn commercial. It reminds me the old times. Thanks for this post, it's improved my mood immediately and feel the right Halloween atmosphere.

Take care,

Fronge said...

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