Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The Telltale Heart" animated short

Today's find is, like yesterday's post, courtesy of a mention by the Saturday Supercast's Halloween podcast. The classic Edgar Allen Poe story "The Telltale Heart" is rendered in animation by legendary animation studio UPA. It's very aytpical of cartoons of its time (1954). Very creepy. Enjoy!

Tomorrow will likely be my last post for the Countdown to Halloween, as I will be busy on Halloween itself, so please stick around for one last post with me then. Thanks!

Oh, one more thing:

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Todd Mason said...

Oops! My comment above was meant to refer to this UPA cartoon. Writer, illustrator and critic Damon Knight beat a drum for animated versions of Ray Bradbury's early horror stories in this mode...pity these folks didn't do more in the mode.


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