Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy Halloween indeed! As I will be crazy busy with family activities tomorrow, today will be my last post for the Countdown to Halloween. I can't begin to tell you how honored I've been to be a part of it, and for you to be a part of this blog. I've made several new friends thanks to this event, and I can't thank you enough. The first words of my blog's title are "Me and You," and that aspect of blogging is very important to me. Let's check out my last Halloween offerings together!

I had a few videos hanging around, and didn't know what to feature today, so I said what the heck and decided to post several things. First up, two clips in honor of the classic film Halloween. Here is a look at the real life locations used in the film as they look today.

Here are some "deleted scenes" from the first film. No not really, but these scenes would have made for a much funnier film!

Here is an old silent film strip from 1948 describing the history of Halloween. It's interesting to see how Halloween looks both the same and different then and now.

Finally, here is the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence from Disney's Fantasia, a beautiful yet chilling way to close out the Countdown to Halloween.

Once again, THANK YOU for joining me this month. I've had an absolute blast doing this, and can't wait to do it again next year. Until then, there's still plenty of great blogging to take place, especially between now and the end of the year. Please stay around, there's more great stuff on the way. Thanks, and one last time, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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Todd Mason said...

I think I've seen this previously, but perhaps not all of it. Thanks, Brian, and Happy All Hallows Eve...


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