Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome, New Readers, to my 2-Year Anniversary!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my contributions to the Countdown to Halloween. I'm sure many of you are sad to see the season go, but cheer up kitten! November is a great month. The crisp autumn air, walks through the fallen leaves--it's a nice month to take a breather and experience some serentiy before the holiday rush. And a great way to do that--read my blog! And if it's not so serene, read my blog anyway :)

Friday, October 30th marked my 2-year anniversary as a blogger. I've been thrilled to write it since then, and I like to take a few moments to look back at the previous year to see how the blog shapes up. Last year I started highlighting posts that I thought represented most clearly the goal of the blog, which posts were more popular, and which posts I simply like as my favorites. I label these posts "The Best of Me and You." My latest entries into this category for 2009 include:

The Flintstones Christmas Episode
Saturday Supercade
My Saturday Morning Recreated feature
And Now a Public Service Announcement---From Superman!
Commercials for Zeller's Department Stores Starring Batman

There will be others as well. This feature should be especially helpful for new readers who have just discovered my blog this past month. Please also feel free to check out all of my archives via the labels to the right. If you are a new reader, please stick around! I'm delighted to have you here.


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