Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Cornucopia 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys the long holiday, and if you're traveling, please be safe. Before the weekend, I have a few last clips for your enjoyment.

Here Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro debate who best can play a pilgrim versus a turkey. I agree with Bobby--he's more of a pilgrim type.

Tomorrow night at 8pm, ABC presents A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Here is a clip of someone playing the music from the special by the late great Vince Guaraldi. Very nice!

Back in the day, networks used to play children's programming on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, as kids were home that day. Here is an old promo from the early 70s boasting ABC's After Turkey Day fare.

Here is a short narrative of the first Thanksgiving created and aired on WCAU-TV Philadelphia in the early 90s. Most TV stations don't make educational/seasonal clips like this anymore, which is a shame.

Finally, I have two audio presentations for you. First, the classic "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie, as he recants one of the most unusual Thanksgivings you'll hear about.

Lastly, a solemn, sweet way to remember that the day is truly a day to be thankful for what we have. "We Gather Together."

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

But wait, what's this?

Yes! My favorite time of the year is finally here! In case you're new to the blog, I live for the oliday season, and it shows in the blog. Please stay tuned; I have fantastic Christmas stuff on the way!

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Ladytink_534 said...

Great videos! I'm already gearing up for Christmas too.


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