Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who the Hell is Charlotte Braun?

That's exactly what I asked when I read a tweet from Chris Sims of the Invincible Super Blog the other day about this situation.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm one of the world's biggest Peanuts fans, and I consider myself a near-expert on the history of the strip and the animated TV specials. So it came as quite a surprise when I learned of a character that only appeared in ten strips from November 1954 to February 1955. Her name was Charlotte Braun, and she was supposed to be a female analog to Charlie Brown (hence her name). However, the character would become angry upon hearing someone say this, as she hated Charlie Brown. Her personality was very abrasive, and in fact she was a sort of predecessor to how Lucy and Sally would behave later on in the strip.

However, creator Charles Schulz became disenchanted with the character and decided to drop her quickly. His decision may have been influenced by a letter he received from an Elizabeth Swain, who complained about Charlotte. Schulz's acerbic response can be seen here.

I'm more surprised that I hadn't heard about this sooner than the dark humor Schulz applies to his letter. Although it wasn't always apparent in his strips, her certainly had a snarky sense of humor, especially for a Midwestern boy. I personally find the letter very funny.

Here's hoping none of you readers ever give me "The Ax!"

Oh, one more thing:


Thanks, Phillies, for a fantastic season. See you at spring training!

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Anonymous said...

I never knew about her. Thanks for posting this.


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